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How to Get Your House Ready for Winter

During winter most homeowners make certain adjustments in their houses to cope with the cold weather. Your house needs to be warm and comfortable. It’s paramount to prepare early. Are you prepared? 

Here are seven things to do to get your home ready for winter.

1.    Window Coverings

Many people fix sheer curtains during summer. They prevent heat from building up in your house. If your windows have an insufficient covering, it's advisable to purchase insulated or layered curtains and roller blinds. They are useful in retaining heat. Nevertheless, if you don't want to change the sheer curtains, you can buy insulation kits from nearby hardware.

2.    Clean the Gutters 

Gutters drain rainwater from your roof. If blocked during autumn, they may freeze. Clogged gutters allow melting snow and ice to soak your roof and flood your foundation. It causes severe structural damage. It's prudent to clean your gutters before winter. Consider hiring a roofing contractor.

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3.    Look Out for Ice Dams

As a roofing expert cleans your gutters, check the roof for little ice dams. In chilly weather, heat from your house can melt snow and ice on the roof creating ice dams. They block your drains and allow ice and water to accumulate on and underneath your roof steadily. Over time, the roof weakens, and puts your household at risk.

4.    Purchase a Roof Rake

An ordinary roof can handle four feet of snow before it caves in. Storms can cause rapid accumulation of snow that can make the roof to collapse. Purchase a roof rake in advance to clear snow on your roof.

5.    Prune nearby Trees

Prune long branches that hang near your gutters or your house. Snow buildup can break them and result in immense damage to your home. Spare several hours to clear the branches to avoid costly roof repair.


6.    Food Reserve

Many people rush to stores to buy food during lousy weather. Stock up your necessary supplies in time. Strong and ice and cause power outages in winter. Also, they can break or uproot trees near significant roads preventing you from accessing certain places.

7.    Protect Your Pipes

A burst pipe can cause extensive water damage. Avoid switching off the heat completely to prevent pipes from freezing. Also, allow faucets to drips when the weather worsens. Alternatively, buy and fix foam rubber to cover the pipes.

Preparing a home for winter is challenging. Seek advice from friends and family members about the structural adjustments necessary to make your house warm. Also, hire an experienced AC technician to repair your air conditioner.

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