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Mortgage Market Update

Mortgage Market Update-December 9, 2013 While there remains no progress on the ongoing fiscal cliff talks, there is plenty of other news that is impacting the markets. This week, the jobs report came out and wasbetter than expected, the European Central Bank (ECB) kept rates the same and consumer sentiment tumbled to August levels. In addition,

Sarasota FHA Mortgage

Sarasota FHA Mortgage, Sarasota FHA home loans Core Mortgage Financial are considered experts at Sarasota FHA mortgages. During 2013, there will be some significant changes to Sarasota FHA mortgage loans that are important for potential borrowers to understand. In part, these changes are being made in order to keep the FHA solvent following the unprecedented mortgage

Does home equity help with loan approval?

Understanding the importance of equity For those considering a home loan or a home refinance, it helps to understand what impact equity has on home loan approval. While it may be tempting to put as little as possible down when you are purchasing a home, or to take the maximum amount of home equity out of

Mortgage Market Update

Mortgage Market Update- December 2, 2012 The debt ceiling debacle of 2011 has resulted in the market watching the negotiations, or lack thereof, going on in Washington. This has resulted in the stock market making some pretty wild swings this week meaning the bond market has also been all over the place. How this started For those who

Mortgage Market Update

Mortgage Market Update, November 25, 2012 This weeks bond market turned out to be a sleeper for two reasons, first of all, the markets were closed on Thursday for the Thanksgiving holiday and from all accounts, many mortgage lenders simply took Friday off and didn’t really participate in the market. There were some notable happenings this

Potential Naples FHA Changes in 2013

For those who are considering buying a home, it may be prudent to consider purchasing now and locking in your loan guarantee before 2013. Unfortunately, if you wait until 2013, you may be paying a higher fee for a standard FHA approved loans. According to Bloomberg Business Week, the Federal

Sarasota Refinance

Refinancing your home mortgage is a process that can be fraught with problems. While refinancing into a lower rate mortgage can help save you hundreds of dollars a year, it is important to understand the entire process to ensure that you have realistic expectations from the beginning of the process.

Naples Home Loan

Core Mortgage Financial are considered experts at Naples home loans. Naples home loan specialists are ready to discuss your home loan needs. This is a great time to elect to find a Naples home loan. In fact, in spite of the fact that the holiday’s are right around the corner, you may want to consider starting your

Mortgage Market Update

Mortgage Market Update, November 17, 2012 As if the election didn’t provide enough excitement in the market, we are now facing the fiscal cliff unless the Senate, Congress and President can negotiate a way out of the upcoming mess. One of the positive sides of this calamity is that mortgage interest rates continue to be somewhat

Captiva Island Mortgage

There are many people who own second homes in the Captiva Island area. The area was named in the “Top 10” best places to own a second home. In many cases, these homeowners have non-traditional or “jumbo” mortgages that require special processing if they plan to obtain a loan...