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Veterans relocating to SW Florida

Southwest Florida is experiencing a boom. As baby boomers are getting to retirement age, they are looking for the perfect place to settle down and enjoy their golden years, and Southwest Florida has much to offer. The same reasons that this part of Florida attracts retirees, also applies to veterans of all ages. Besides the quality of life and beautiful weather that Florida boasts, what other reasons make this part of the state so desirable to veterans looking for the perfect place to put down roots?

Low Home Prices

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Everyone is aware of the housing market crash. This has affected home prices all over the United States, and Southwest Florida is no exception. However, for those looking to buy a home, this is not a bad thing at all. Low housing prices and current tax breaks for homeowners coupled with the benefits of VA mortgages in Southwest Florida mean that home ownership is no longer just a dream for many veterans.

New VA Hospital

Cape Coral (in Lee County, Florida) will soon be home to a state-of-the-art VA hospital. It is an over 200,000 square foot facility that will have all the equipment and personnel expected of any major hospital. The hospital will over in-patient and out-patient care as well as therapy service. Because the facility is so large and provides all types of care, it’s expected that the population of veterans in the area will grow even larger. Cape Coral VA mortgages are expected to dramatically increase of the next few years.

With these benefits and the beautiful weather, it’s no wonder Southwest Florida has such a large population of veterans. If you are interested in living the good life, contact Core Mortgage Financial and see what type of VA mortgages or home loans are available to you. Soon you could be enjoying these benefits plus experience the beauty and wonder of a life in Southwest Florida.


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