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Refinancing your home mortgage is a process that can be fraught with problems. While refinancing into a lower rate mortgage can help save you hundreds of dollars a year, it is important to understand the entire process to ensure that you have realistic expectations from the beginning of the process. It is important to keep in mind that each Sarasota refinance is governed by specific requirements of each lender and also by your status as a borrower, the value of your home and the program you may qualify for. Let’s take a look at some of the available Sarasota refinance programs that are available. sarasota-refinance-150x150.jpg

VA streamlined refinancing

If you are interested in a Sarasota refinance and you have a Veteran’s Administration loan, you may be eligible for a streamlined VA refinance. These loans require a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) which Core Mortgage Financial can obtain for you when you apply for a refinance loan. The VA streamline refinance loan offers a lower document requirement and you may not have to pay any costs out of pocket.

Harp2 refinance

Sarasota residents who have an existing mortgage that exceeds the value of their home may be eligible for the new Harp 2 program. This program is designed to help borrowers who find themselves with a large mortgage payment that is crippling them financially. Many lenders are not willing to accept the risk but, this program can help. The Harp2 refinance loans do take longer to process than a traditional refinance but they are not impossible to obtain. Sarasota sarasota-harp-2-refi.jpg

Standard refinance

Borrowers who have outstanding mortgages that are less than $453,100  may be able to qualify for a standard Sarasota refinance loan. These loans are based entirely on credit scores and outstanding loan amount. If you have had problems with bills and have a slightly weak credit report, Core Mortgage Financial can still help. We’ll work with you to help you determine what programs are best suited to your needs.

Jumbo refinance

Non-conforming or jumbo loans are often challenging to refinance. The good news is that Core Mortgage Financial has access to numerous lenders who want these types of loans to add to their portfolio. Whether you are simply trying to reduce your monthly mortgage payment, convert an adjustable rate jumbo mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage or you need cash-out for Sarasota-jumbo-refi-150x150.jpg

Refinancing your home can help you convert an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate so that you always know what your mortgage payments will be. In addition, you can take advantage of lower rates with your Sarasota refinance. Core Mortgage Financial is here to help you with all your refinancing needs. Call us and let us help you find the right Sarasota refinance mortgage today.

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Disclaimer: Rates programs, guidelines are subject to change without notice. NMLS #1743702


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