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Naples VA Mortgage experts at Core Mortgage Financial have been serving veterans with VA home loans for many years.  Our veteran loan originators will guide you through the Naples VA mortgage process from start to finish. The VA home loan program is completely different than any other loan products like conventional or FHA. The Naples VA home loan requires competent VA mortgage experts that can process the home loan through the VA automated process.

The Veteran Administration formed a lender website portal giving our loan originators the ability download the certificate of eligibility and other documents in seconds. The certificate of eligibility application process used to take four to six weeks to receive directly from the VA. You don’t need to wait six weeks to get your certificate of eligibility any longer. We have access to the VA web portal through our VA lender process and can access these documents immediately. Core Mortgage Financial can get your certificate of eligibility quickly in order to apply for a  Naples VA mortgage. We also can verify your benefits, eligibility and make any necessary changes to your veteran home loan eligibility status. In order to make your Naples VA mortgage purchase or refinance go through in a timely fashion,  call Core Mortgage Financial today.


Naples VA mortgage experts can close your home loan in thirty days or less. Core Mortgage Financial streamline and effective VA mortgage loan originators have extensive knowledge of VA home loans and mortgages. Core Mortgage Financial orders the appraisal through the VA home loan portal. The VA assigns a VA appraiser locally within the subject properties 40 mile radius. The VA appraiser currently has 14 days to deliver a full appraisal to Core Mortgage Financial. Naples VA Mortgage appraisal turn times recently have been seven business days or less.  Depending on the Naples VA Mortgage appraisers work load is the key factor in how long it takes to receive the appraisal.  While the appraiser is doing this appraisal we are submitting the loan into underwriting. Normally we have a conditional loan approval when the appraisal is received by our office. Core Mortgage Financial sends the VA appraisal to the underwriter to review immediately and is reviewed within 24 hours.


Core Mortgage Financial looks forward to answering any questions with Naples VA Mortgages. We thank all veterans for your service and passionately believe in serving you. The VA home loan benefits can be the best option for any service member or veteran. The VA loan product benefits are extremely valuable, all veterans should consider a VA home.

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