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For those considering investing in Naples real estate, there are hundreds of loan programs available. Oftentimes, a Naples real estate buyer decides to pay cash for their property, but this may not be the right move for everyone. Even someone who has the cash to pay for Naples real estate, there are some great reasons for financing your property.


Naples home mortgages

For those who are tempted to pay cash for their Naples real estate, it is important to check into some of the loan programs that are available and the benefits of those mortgages. For example:

  • Low down payment – Many people decide to put down just enough money to ensure they do not have to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI). This means they can keep cash for emergencies and potentially earn interest on their loans while keeping their Naples real estate payments low.
  • Deductible expenses – Keep in mind that home mortgage interest is deductible for many homeowners on their taxes. This results in a lower tax burden which can be helpful when you are a real estate investor. Rather than paying cash for your Naples real estate, you can take an interest only loan.


For those who are considering investments in Naples real estate, it is important to understand the area. Naples is a hub of activity, but also offers residents the access to important cultural activities, world-class golfing and shopping without being right in a metropolitan area. Because of the number of homeowners who purchase second homes, Naples real estate investors often discover that between May and October the area is extremely quiet. The snow birds decend on the area in October resulting in Naples turning into a hub of activity.


When you are considering investing in Naples real estate, contact Core Mortgage Financial. Whether you are considering purchasing a second home or a primary residence, we have access to hundreds of mortgage programs. Our portfolio of lenders offer fixed-rate loans, interest only loans and Jumbo mortgages. Regardless of your individual circumstances, we can help you find the right loan that will help you purchase or refinance your home. Naples real estate mortgage experts are ready to discuss your lending options today!

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