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Mortgage Rates: Advertising vs. Reality

When you are searching for Naples mortgage rate information, you may be confronted with a variety of rates that do not seem to be close to each other. Part of the reason may be that mortgage rates are quoted on different mortgages for advertising purposes. Here are some examples of why there are so many different rates quoted in advertising.


Size of the loan

Your Naples mortgage rate is often dependent upon the size of your loan. For example, a home loan of $200K would have a lower rate than a loan of $500K. The reason for this is that the lower end would be considered a conforming loan while the higher loan would be considered a jumbo mortgage. Because jumbo mortgages are often funded by direct lenders, smaller loans are often eligible for backing by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


Down payments matter

Oftentimes as an incentive to borrowers, a lender will lower their Naples mortgage rates if you put down a larger down payment. This is because the lender has to take less risk over the life of the loan. Additionally, if you put 20 percent of your purchase price down, you will be free from personal mortgage insurance.

Other factors

It is important that even if you see a ultra low rates, while attractive, are often a “best case scenario”. This means you meet all of the guidelines of the lender including down payments, credit scores and even the length of your employment.

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