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Mortgage Application Checklist

Core Mortgage Financial has developed a checklist for borrowers to use when applying for mortgage home loan. The mortgage application checklist will assist the borrower when looking for the necessary documentation in order to complete your mortgage application.


Verification of income:

Salary income

____ Your last 2 original one full month pay stubs from your employer.

____ Original W2s for the past 2 years

Commission income

____ Signed tax returns/1099 for the past 2 years with Schedule A attached

_____ Sole proprietorship income will come from 1040 personal returns

____ Signed tax returns for the past 2 years  business ( if applicable)

If Rental income is claimed:

____ tax returns for the past 2 years with Schedule E attached

____ Mortgage statement on each rent house you own

____ Schedule of real estate owned (pg. 3 of loan application)

____ Original, current, signed rent agreements for recently purchased rent houses

Retirement income

____ Awards letter from Pension Verification Office

____ Can substitute original W2s, signed tax returns or original bank statements

Social Security income

____ Social Security awards letter or last 2 original bank statements showing direct deposits

Child support income (not required unless you choose include it in your income)

____ Fully executed divorce decree ( if alimony is used for qualification)

____ Original printout from the Attorney General or last 12 orig. bank statements

Verification of Assets:

____ Original bank statements for the last 2 months.

____ One quarter statement for IRA’s stocks, bonds

____ Verification of deposit filled out in leiu of bank statements

____ Earnest Money Contract + cancelled check for deposit for purchases.  ( purchase transaction)


____ Copy of your deed (if refinance)

____ Original old survey (if refinance)

____  Copy of Mortgage Statement being paid off ( if refinance)

____ Homeowner’s insurance policy (if refinance)


____ legible copy of drivers license

____ Social Security card of SS9 form filled out so lender can verify your SS number

Mortgage Application checklist can be less depending on your loan situation.  Please call Core Mortgage Financial for the exact list.




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