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Marco Island Construction Loan

A construction loan is not the same as a standard home mortgage, it is far more complicated and requires the homeowner to take some specific steps. For those who have decided to build a new home, versus buying a new home, a Marco Island construction mortgage can be obtained. If you are interested in obtaining a Marco Island Construction Loan, here are some of the details you will have to take into consideration.

The land where the home is to be built

Clearly, if you already own the land, it is much easier to obtain a Marco Island construction mortgage. However, if you do not already own the land, you will have to provide a copy of your contract showing that you have agreed to purchase the property. In addition, if you are having your home built, you will have to provide complete information from the builder. Builders will be required to submit a full budget with a line-by-line breakdown of costs as well as a schedule.


How land value impacts your loan

When you apply for a Marco Island construction loan, your land value will have an impact on your borrowing power. If you already own your property, chances are you can reduce your overall closing costs as well as get credit for the equity already built into the land. When you have to purchase land, your land and building costs will be rolled into one loan. However, your overall loan-to-value will be based on the total completion value of your home including the land. Keep in mind that a Marco Island construction mortgage does not work in the same way a traditional mortgage loan does.

About the costs of your loan

Fortunately, Marco Island construction loan terms can be very flexible. Most Marco Island construction mortgages are two-stage loans. The first phase of the loan is the land purchase and construction for the home. This loan is typically payable to the lender as an interest only loan. Borrowers pay Maro Island construction mortgage notes based on how much money is drawn, meaning that as different phases of construction are completed, the loan payment goes up. It is important to keep in mind that the maximum construction loan to value is typically set at 70-75 percent of the total completed value.


Once your home is built

After construction is complete, borrowers will be required to do two things. First, a certificate of occupancy must be completed and then your Marco Island construction loan must be rolled into a standard mortgage. This phase is called construction to permanant loan. ( CP loan). In most cases, a Marco Island construction mortgage has a clause that allows you to roll over your loan into a 30 year fixed rate mortgage or an adjustable rate mortgage. The total loan to value ratio for your final mortgage may not exceed 75 percent of the total value of the property or the total costs of building, whichever is lower. Second home borrowers are limited to 70% loan to value.

When you are considering building your home rather than buying an existing home, you will be able to secure your construction loan under very favorable terms.

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