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Happy 4th of July

The American independence is celebrated on the Fourth day of July every year. America was born on July 4, 1776, after a long struggle that cost us thousands of our soldiers and great countrymen. July 4th signifies the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the Great United States of America.

July 4th doesn’t represent the day the Continental Congress decided to declare independence neither does it represent the day the American Revolution was started nor the day Thomas Jefferson penned the first draft of the official declaration of independence. So what happened on July 4th?


The Declaration of Independence

The final phrasing of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress was approved on July 4, 1776. The Congressmen had been working on the document for two consecutive days after the initial draft was handed in on July 2, 1776. They agreed on all the edits and changes on July 4th, two days later.

July 4th became the official independence date that was included in the handwritten copy of Declaration of Independence document signed in August. The date was also printed on the Dunlap Broadsides which served as the original printed copies that were circulated all over the country. Ever since, July 4, 1776, became synonymous with the people as the official Independence Day.

Declaration of July 4 as a national Holiday

For the first 25 years after the Declaration was written down, Americans didn’t celebrate Independence on any day. The idea was new and so much was happening in the young nation. The printed copies of the declaration started circulating again in the 1820s all bearing the July 4th date. The death of Jefferson Thomas on July 4 fuelled the idea of declaring July 4th as an important day in the history of America. Celebrations of July 4th became more common as the years went on. The Congress first declared July 4th as a national holiday as part of a bill to recognize holidays including Christmas. The legislation was passed in 1939 followed by an amendment in 1941.

As we look forward to celebrating the Independence Day, we honor individuals who have served our country diligently, and we are proud of our employees because they are part of these people. We are Estero VA mortgage leaders – thanks to our customers as well our devoted team of experts.

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