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Fort Myers VA Mortgage

For active service members, retired military personnel and families of those who were lost in service to their country, the VA loan program may be the answer to your home ownership dreams. The VA loan program has several features which make the program one of the best options for veterans to take advantage of. Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing your existing home or you are considering adding energy efficient -features to your home, you may be able to take advantage of a loan backed by the VA. Contact our office at 239-514-2674 or simply click here for more information.

Eligibility requirements

Many people are surprised to find out how broad the eligibility requirements for a VA backed mortgage are readily available. Not only can active military members take advantage of VA guarantees, but members who have served at least six years in the National Guard or reserves are also eligible. If you served 90+ days on active duty during war time you are also eligible of VA financing.  In addition, those who are collecting disability payments as a result of service-related injuries and surviving spouses of deceased military members are also eligible.


Understanding underwriting

Lenders who are willing to accept a VA guarantee will typically focus on only the prior 12 months credit history for the borrower(s). In addition, down payment requirements are far less than other Non-VA programs, VA loans require no down payment at all. In addition,  lenders do not require monthly private mortgage insurance since the loans are backed by the VA. In addition, funding fees and closing costs may be paid by the seller or lender making the cash out of pocket very minimal.


If you are considering purchasing a home in the Fort Myers area, contact Core Mortgage Financial. We’ll walk you through all the steps necessary to obtain a Fort Myers VA home loan. We can help obtain your eligibility certificate, find the right lender and help ensure that you get the personalized service you are entitled to. We take great pride in helping ensure that you get the best possible loan. Our military service members and their families have sacrificed greatly for our country, and at Core Mortgage, we salute all of them and we are committed to making sure they get the service they are entitled to when applying for a home mortgage loan.

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