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Core Mortgage Financial loan originators will guide you through the Fort Myers home loan process. Today’s mortgage market is offering lower rates and multiple programs for borrowers. Whether you currently own your home or you are seeking to refinance your Fort Myers home loan, there are various programs that can help. Bear in mind that even though mortgage rates are currently low, the program as well as your credit rating will have an impact on which programs your mortgage is best suited for.

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First Time Home Buyers

In spite of the problems with Fannie Mae (FNMA) there are still numerous first time home buyers programs available. These programs are specifically designed to allow buyers to put down as little as three percent and may offer some flexibility as to the rate of interest paid. It is important to note that buyers will be required to pay a private mortgage insurance (PMI) premium as part of their monthly mortgage. When you are interested in a Fort Myers home loan however, putting down more funds initially can help reduce the premium or eliminate it completely. We have a special program for primary residence where the borrower can put only three percent down with NO monthly PMI payment. (NO MI)fort-myers-home-loans1-150x150.jpg

Members of the armed services can also take advantage of the favorable VA mortgage program when they are considering a Fort Myers home loan. These programs are designed specifically to allow veterans and members of the service to secure a home. The loan process begins with obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) which Core Mortgage Financial can request at the time of your application. VA mortgages offer very favorable terms including no down payment requirements.

Existing Home Owners

Whether you have lived in your home for one year or ten years, you may be paying a higher interest rate than those that are currently available. At Core Mortgage Financial, we can evaluate your current mortgage and determine if refinancing is a good option for you to consider. Even homeowners who are currently holding an underwater mortgage may have some options available to them under the programs that are currently being offered. While the underwater mortgage programs do take a little more time for approval, the end result may be well worth the wait.fort-myers-home-loan2-150x150.jpg

If you are considering buying a home or you are interested in refinancing your existing home, Core Mortgage Financial can help with all your Fort Myers home loan needs. We are prepared to work with all types of borrowers because we have an extensive network of investors who are willing to accept various types of mortgage loans. Don’t feel that just because you do not have perfect credit or you currently have an underwater mortgage that it is impossible for you to refinance. Call Core Mortgage Financial today and let us help you find a program that will make your Fort Myers home loan a success!

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. Rates, programs, guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please call our office for a customized home loan quote. NMLS #849597


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