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Cape Coral VA Hospital

One thing that may have kept veterans and active military members from buying a property in the Cape Coral area is the lack of services available for veterans. This may be finally coming to an end with the takeover of the VA clinic. Now, veterans who need specialized services available only at VA facilities are finally going to have a facility available to them.

VA Takes possession of clinic

In May of 2012, Manhattan Construction turned over control of the VA clinic located in Lee County to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This clinic sits on 30 acres of property that was originally acquired by the VA in 2006 and is expected to not only create new jobs when it opens late in 2012, but will also provide much needed service to the brave men and women who reside in the Cape Coral area.  The clinic will be operated by Bay Pines VA Healthcare Systems and will see as many as 30,000 patients a year.


What this means overall

Finally, the Cape Coral area will have access to a state of the art clinic to serve the men and women who have selflessly served our nation. No more will residents have to travel to Fort Myers for the care and services they need, in fact this clinic is expected to fill the needs of those who currently use the Fort Meyers clinic and more.

In addition to the clinic itself, the area surrounding the clinic has been designated as a Veterans Investment Zone (VIZ). This means that the county and town will be encouraging further growth by offering businesses incentives to invest in the area. These incentives were created to encourage stores, restaurants and other business owners to relocate to this area and make it easier for residents of Cape Coral to get the goods and services they need while still having access to world-class health services offered through the clinic.


Residential opportunities

There has never been a better time to relocate to the Cape Coral area, whether you need help with VA services or not. Whether you are considering buying your first home or you are looking for a vacation home, the Cape Coral area is an ideal location for families, singles and seniors. Veterans who may need ongoing outpatient treatments will be especially interested in finding the right home to meet their needs.

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