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Cape Coral Refinance

Cape Coral Florida is a great place to live and vacation. Many homeowners are interested in finding out about the various Cape Coral refinance programs that are available to them. It doesn’t matter whether you have your primary residence in the area or you have a vacation home, this might be a great time to refinance.

Understanding the paperwork

Refinancing a mortgage requires similar paperwork to what you need when you are purchasing a home. Most lenders will require your most recent two tax returns, pay stubs and verification of assets. In addition, loan to value ratios play an important factor when you are considering a refinance.  Nearly all lenders will require a homeowner to have Personal Mortgage Insurance (PMI) if their loan to value exceeds 80 percent of the home value. This means that the lender will also require the borrower to obtain a current appraisal. We have lenders that might not require all the documentation above. Call us today about our streamline refi today 239-514-2674!


Does refinancing make sense

It is important for a homeowner who is considering a Cape Coral refinance to make sure they fully understand the changes from their existing mortgage into a new mortgage.  In addition to the new interest rate, homeowners must take into consideration other expenses that may have to be paid to complete their Cape Coral refi. Some of these expenses may include appraisals, credit reports, refinancing fees, etc. In addition, if your current mortgage has a prepayment clause, this may be a bad time to think about refinancing.  You should discuss all of these matters with your loan officer before you agree to accept a new mortgage.  Lifestyle changes such as a new baby, a divorce or retirement should also be a factor in your final decision.


There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to mortgage refinancing. Each homeowner has a different reason for considering refinancing their current mortgage. This means that most homeowners are best served by working with a company like Core Mortgage Financial. We are able to work with a variety of investors including those who provide VA loans and refinances, FNMA loans and jumbo loans. We help you make sense out of the programs that are available, help you understand lender’s requirements and stay with you from application to closing. We want your refinancing to be as smooth as possible and we strive to help you get the refinancing program that benefits you the most.

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