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Jacksonville MortgageCore Mortgage Financial wants you to have the home of your dreams in Jacksonville, Florida and the perfect mortgage to go along with it!

Our unique programs such as credit scores allowed down to 580 score and collections may not required to be paid before closing.

We  have skilled mortgage brokers who are dedicated to helping you obtain the best home loans at the most competitive rates.

We have an extensive network of Jacksonville mortgage programs and will help you find the best mortgage program for your financial needs.

Send us an inquiry via our online form or call us today at  (239) 514-2674 or (855) 554-CORE.

This will give you an idea of some of the loan products we offer:

  • 30 year / 20 year / 15 year Fixed-Rate Loans
  • 10 year/ 7 year / 5 year / 3 year/ 1 year Adjustable Rate Mortgages
  • FHA Home Loans
  • VA Mortgages for Veterans
  • Condo Financing
  • USDA Home Mortgages
  • Jumbo loans up to 5 Million dollars
  • Foreign National Financing
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Refinances

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Jacksonville Home LoansCore Mortgage Financial is proud to offer you the BEST rates and the BEST customer service in the State of Florida! 

We cater to primary residences, second homes and investment properties, and would be delighted to help you buy or refinance your Jacksonville home.

If you are buying your very first home, we offer special home mortgage packages that cater to first-time borrowers just like you.

When you need to refinance an existing home loan to reduce the monthly payment or consolidate your debt, we can help you find a solution even if you owe more than the current value of your home.

And, if you’ve found your dream vacation home, we can help you make it yours!

 Core Mortgage Financial will work with you one-on-one to ensure that you get a financial solution that is tailored specifically to your unique financing needs. We want you to have the attention you deserve to make your home financing experience a pleasant one.

In fact, from your first call to the time we get a mortgage commitment is extreamly fast!

What To Expect During the Loan Approval Process

Jacksonville Florida Mortgage

Keep in mind that your income, debt, credit history, down payment and savings, the home’s value and the lender’s guidelines will all play a role in whether your loan application is approved.

The lender’s underwriting team will review your loan details and the supporting documentation to determine if you qualify for their Jacksonville mortgage program. The basic things they’ll be looking for include:

  1. Your ABILITY to repay the loan. Will your income be enough to cover your new loan payment and your other monthly expenses? Lenders look at your debt-to-income ratio to find out. DTI is used for all purchase mortgages and for most refinance transactions. Most lenders would like homeowners to have a DTI of 50% or less, but loan approvals are possible even if your DTI is higher, particularly if you plan to make a large down payment, have a lot of money saved or invested, or have an exceptionally high credit score.
  2. Your LIKELIHOOD to repay the loan. Underwriters will look at your credit score and payment history to see if you pay your debts in a timely manner.
  3. The home value. The underwriter will review the professional appraisal (typically ordered by your lender) of your property you’re buying to be sure it meets or exceeds the purchase price.
  4. Verification of down payment funds. If you are planning to make a down payment of less than 20%, most lenders will require you to pay some type of mortgage insurance premium. The amount will be added to your monthly mortgage payment. (There are exceptions, however, such as VA Mortgages.) The underwriter will also verify that you have the funds to cover the closing costs.

Core Mortgage Financial will guide you through the entire process and help you answer any questions the lender/underwriter may have about your employment or income.

Our Jacksonville mortgage specialists are available 24/7 to discuss your needs. Contact us using our online form, call us today at (855) 554-CORE or (239) 514-2674, or come in to see us with a drive down to the beautiful Naples, Florida. We will make sure to show you all that SWFL has to offer.

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