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Potential Naples FHA Changes in 2013

For those who are considering buying a home, it may be prudent to consider purchasing now and locking in your loan guarantee before 2013. Unfortunately, if you wait until 2013, you may be paying a higher fee for a standard FHA approved loans. According to Bloomberg Business Week, the Federal

Sarasota Refinance

Refinancing your home mortgage is a process that can be fraught with problems. While refinancing into a lower rate mortgage can help save you hundreds of dollars a year, it is important to understand the entire process to ensure that you have realistic expectations from the beginning of the process.

Naples Home Loan

Core Mortgage Financial are considered experts at Naples home loans. Naples home loan specialists are ready to discuss your home loan needs. This is a great time to elect to find a Naples home loan. In fact, in spite of the fact that the holiday’s are right around the corner, you may want to consider starting your

Mortgage Market Update

Mortgage Market Update, November 17, 2012 As if the election didn’t provide enough excitement in the market, we are now facing the fiscal cliff unless the Senate, Congress and President can negotiate a way out of the upcoming mess. One of the positive sides of this calamity is that mortgage interest rates continue to be somewhat

Captiva Island Mortgage

There are many people who own second homes in the Captiva Island area. The area was named in the “Top 10” best places to own a second home. In many cases, these homeowners have non-traditional or “jumbo” mortgages that require special processing if they plan to obtain a loan...

Naples Foreign National Mortgage

Core Mortgage Financial has foreign national mortgage funds available. Too often, foreign nationals think that purchasing a home is out of reach for them. This is simply an oversimplification of the mortgage market and blatantly false in most cases. If you are a foreign national and you are considering purchasing a property

Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans hold a special place in the hearts and minds of all residents of the United States. Regardless of your political stripes, nearly all of us know someone who has served with honor in the armed forces. Veterans face many challenges when they return home from housing to jobs. Fortunately,

Mortgage Market Update

The silly season of politics has ended and President Barack Obama is now slated to be the 45th President of the United States. As anticipated, this news caused a palpable decrease in equities and an increase in bond purchasing. The day after the Presidential election, bank stocks and energy companies

Mortgage financing VS just paying cash

Whether you have been scrimping and saving or you recently inherited money, you might be considering paying cash to purchase a home. While it may sound like a great idea to sink whatever cash you have available into purchasing a primary home or a vacation home, there are plenty of reasons to consider saving your

Bonita Reverse Mortgage

Most people are anxious when they think about applying for a reverse mortgage primarily because they do not understand what they are and how they work. Fortunately, if you are considering a Bonita Springs reverse mortgage, Core Mortgage Financial can help you work through the confusion and make a