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This is the ideal time to consider buying a home or refinancing your current mortgage. Even if you are one of the thousands of Fort Myers mortgage owners who finds their home is worth less than their mortgage, refinancing is available.

Issues to consider

If your current home mortgage is underwater and you’ve been able to maintain your mortgage payments, there may be help available to help you refinance.There are funds available through various programs to help borrowers who face this predicament. Fort Myers Harp 2 loan program allows you to refinance regardless of the appraised value. This could possibly save you hundreds of dollars monthly.


If you do not have an underwater mortgage, you can still save hundreds of dollars a year by refinancing while rates are low. Check your current rate against today’s mortgage rates and consider refinancing if you can lower your existing rate by one-half to one percent.

Finding a lender

Every borrower, regardless of their current situation should be able to find a lender willing to provide a mortgage loan. At Core Mortgage Financial, we have access to hundreds of programs for borrowers with superior credit or less than perfect credit. We can find a Fort Myers mortgage lender who will be willing to work with you.


Understanding the paperwork

Mortgage loan paperwork is often challenging for the most financial savvy people. At Core Mortgage Financial, we take pride in the fact that each of our clients receives personalized service and we help you through the maze of paperwork needed to obtain a home mortgage. From the application process through the closing process, we will walk you through each step necessary to conclude a successful mortgage.


Whether you need a standard Fannie Mae mortgage, a jumbo mortgage or a VA mortgage we can help. We have access to hundreds of mortgage programs including VA refinances that require little paperwork. Lower down payment programs, construction loans and second mortgages are also available. Don’t spend days or weeks searching for the right lender, contact Core Mortgage Financial today and let us help you through your Fort Myers mortgage loan.

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